7 November 2019, Tübingen, Germany 

Concert with Santiago Molina Gimbernat (Molina Guitar Duo) during the International Guitar Festival Tübingen

22 October 2019, Parktheater Göggingen, Augsburg

Charity concert for "Live Music Now" with Carina Frey (Duo Augusta)

29 July 2019, 19:00, St. Ulrich, Augsburg, Germany

"Ulrichsmusik": Concert with Carina Frey (Duo Augusta)








13 - 16 June 2019, Friedberg, Germany

Guitar festival "Focus Gitarre": concert, classes and conducting of guitar ensemble


13 June 2019, 19:30, Castle of Friedberg

Opening concert with MOLINA GUITAR DUO

25 January, Karlsruhe, Germany

Recording sesscion with SICCAS Guitars (MOLINA GUITAR DUO)